Ireland explained



I have lived 8 years in Ireland and even though it was a love/hate relationship at times, thinking about all the memories fills my heart with joy ( okay, it also lets me shiver sometimes as well).

Here are 13 fun facts about Ireland that are as Irish as it gets!



There is no good conversation in Ireland held without throwing in the occasional curse word. In fact, I always lived by the rule that Irish people that don´t swear shouldn´t be trusted and it´s true: Saying Fuck/Feck/ Bleeding, Damn ( oh , the list is endless) is as common as the rain. Everyone does it so you better get used to it, say feck it and join the fun!

Everything is Grand

Grand here doesn´t mean something is big ( like a grand hotel)but that something is fine or alright.

In Ireland either everything is grand or everything will be grand. The Irish generally have a stress level of a horse on tranqulizers.

Don´t trust the Weather Forecast

Never, I repeat, never trust the weather forecast.

What looks like a spendid day a minute ago can turn into a tornado with lashing rain and thunderstorms within the next minute. Never ever leave the house with an umbrella or at least a hooded, windproof jacket.

I can assure you, once you forget the brollie or the jacket, there is a 99.9% chance it is going to rain. If you bring your rain equipment on the other hand, there is the same percentage of change it´s not going to rain. That´s a fact!

Saying thanks to the bus driver!

When getting off the bus, say bye and thanks to the bus driver. It might seem weird at first but it´s the usual thing you do and everyone does it. Also, Irish bus drivers are some of the nicest, most helpful people you´ll ever meet.

You´ll never go out for ´only one drink´!

No, you won´t! You might have had the intention to only have one pint or cocktail with your friend(s) but somehow in some way you always always always end up having more. It doesn´t matter if it´s a Sunday, a working day or the early afternoon if you have one pint, you´ll have another and another and another and the next minute you find yourself in a nightclub at 4 in the morning twerking to Lil Jon´s Get Low ( Yes, I´ve done it, don´t judge).

There´s no problem in the world a good cup of tae cannot sort out

Everything, absolutely everything will be solved with a cup of tea and if you´re offered a cup in an Irish household you should never decline.

The love of tea is so strong that the Irish drink the most tea per capita of any country in the world and when travelling abroad you even bring your own teabags.

But foreigner, be aware, you can´t just drink any tea, it has to be black tea and don´t just buy any black tea from Aldi, ah no! The two big Irish tea brands are Lyons and Barry´s and which tea you drink plays an integral part in Irish society.

You either grew up in a Barry´s or Lyon´s drinking family and whatever brand of tea you drank when you were younger you probably still drink today.

Bye byebyebyebyebyebye

When saying your goodbyes on the phone, never ever just say Bye and hang up, that would be weird and rude and not Irish at all.

In order to blend in, show your appreciation of Irish culture and don´t come across as a complete weirdo,you have to at least say 5 bye´s consecutively (no pauses in between) when hanging up the phone.

No pedestrian ever waits for the Green light to cross the street

If you´re waiting for a green light to cross the road you might be waiting for ever. There is something with the the Traffic light system that even when you press the pedestrian button it will still take forever to turn green. The solution for this is to just ignore all the red lights and just jaywalk your way through Dublin.

Be aware though, especially when coming from a country with right-hand traffic, to check that really no car is coming from either side. Before you have this down to a T it helps to wait for a couple of like-minded, impatient, law- disobedient and jaywalking people to walk it with you.

12 Pubs of Christmas

Christmas season doesn´t start off right if you haven´t participated in at least one 12 Pubs of Christmas.

It´s basically a pub crawl with all your friends/ co-workers etc. through 12 pubs in your area.

The general rule is that you HAVE to order and finish at least one drink in every pub you´re going to. Usually you´ll spend 30 mins in each pub and with every location you have at least one more rule, like having to drink a shot, only drinking with your left hand …

I have yet to meet someone you actually finished ALL the 12 pubs in one night.

Dry January

Because of all the parties, pub crawls and spontaneous “sessions”, everyone will start the new year with the good intention of not touching a drop of alcohol for at least the whole of January.

As every Irish knows though there is not a hope you´ll stick to it. By the 2nd of January youstart to feel sorry for yourself and are already thinking about all the booze you´ll drink once February arrives, by the 10th you´ll go cold turkey doubting your decision to ever having started this complete nonsense and by the time it´s the 15th  ( and that´s good going) you´ll be back in the pub with a Beer or Cider in your hand. Sure, feck it! It´ll be grand.

Thanks, hun, it´s Penneys!

Penneys -also known as Primark in other parts of the world- is the Irish one stop shop for all of your low budget fashion, accessory and beauty needs.

Absolutely everyone shops in Penneys and the ultimate answer to a compliment on a recently purchased Penneys outfit is: Thanks hun, I got it in Penneys!

Oompa-loompa doompadeeboo

Because there is barely any sun to get a nice tan, the girls around Ireland like to help themselves to self tan, preferably before nights out.

Problem is… most self tan make you look orange and let´s you smell like gone off chicken curry so don´t be surprise if on a Saturday night you feel like walking through the bollywood version of Charly and the Chocolate Factory!







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